10 Pieces to Have in Your Closet by the Time You’re 35

Supermodel Jeans

Forget about trends for a minute—do you own a pair of jeans that make you feel like Cindy Crawford in that Coke commercial from the ‘90s? It might require intense research, multiple trips to the tailor, and even a couple hundred dollars, but you won’t regret finally owning the perfect pair of babe jeans. Re/Done High Rise Ankle Crop Jeans, $263, available at shopredone.com

The Instead-of-Leggings Dress

No matter how old you are, there are days when you just want to wear leggings and a T-shirt. But, by 35, you can’t pass for a college student anymore, and colleagues and exes are lurking in every corner. Enter: the easy day dress. It's voluminous, but flattering and comfortable—and once you own one of these, you won't even miss your Lululemons. Etoile Isabel Marant Metallic Dress, $325, available at net-a-porter.com

A Sophisticated Swimsuit

We’re not saying you can’t wear a bikini past 35, but we also don’t think metallic triangle-top suits should comprise your entire swimwear collection at this point in life. Whether you’re your kids, or people who are documenting the experience on Instagram, you’re going to want to own at least one suit that’s sexy but still classic and a bit covered up. Solid & Striped Alexandra Swimsuit, $94 (Was $158), available at matchesfashion.com

A Variety of Undergarments

Raise your hand if you somehow made it through your 20s with one strapless bra? You’re not alone. By 35, either out of necessity (see: breastfeeding) or maturity (see: regularly doing laundry), or an increase in personal wealth (get it, girl), you should have expanded your stash to include more than just the bare-bones basics. Think: stick-on bras, push-up bras, lay-low bras, and whatever else you need for your busy, dynamic, grown-ass-woman life. Nüdwear Daisies Nipple Covers, $25, available at nudwear.com

A Travel Outfit That’d Make Jackie O Proud

Whether your off-duty style is sporty, glamorous, or edgy, you should know by 35 how to travel in comfort without the use of pajama pants and a personal bed pillow. We’re partial to good-quality, oversized knits, slim-jeans, and slip-on shoes but we’ll leave the exact details up to you. Just ask yourself before you call an Uber: If the paparazzi caught me in this outfit, would I care? If the answer is no, you’ve got yourself a travel outfit that’d make Jackie O—chicest traveler of all time—proud. Iris & Ink Alessandra Turtleneck, $160, available at theoutnet.com